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We work as a team of three - myself (Ruth), my husband (Craig) and my mum (Glenda) who takes it a bit easier now but still helps out when we're busy. We are all registered with NICMA and the Early Years Team, we are fully insured (including liability insurance) and have comprehensive car insurance. We have all attended core training including paediatric first aid, health and safety and child protection plus other training such as speech and language, behavioural management, outdoor play and child psychology.

I have been working as a childminder since 2001,Craig since 2006 and Glenda since 1985. We have provided respite care and foster care when required.

Craig and I have two children who live at home - a daughter (born in 2004), a son (born in 2008) and a daughter (born 1991) who currently lives in England.

Our aim is to provide a safe, caring, nurturing and fun environment. We believe that childhood is the most important time in a person’s life and we aim to provide a setting in which we can teach children by example to be kind and considerate of each other.

We have an open policy - equal opportunity regardless of race, religion etc.

We provide a drop off and pick up service for local schools, nurseries and playgroups.

We provide home based childcare with plenty of toys and crafts. We provide healthy snacks and lunches which are cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients. 

We enjoy a lot of time outdoors in the garden, also walks to the park, playgrounds and library.

We read to the children, have set TV times and can provide a quiet area for arts/crafts and homeworks.

Routine varies from day to day depending which kids we have and what they would like to do. We don’t like to stick to strict routines as we believe children are individuals and their needs/interests change from day to day.

As there are three of us working together, a child with additional needs can have one to one care when required. This may be to remove the child from a situation if they are getting stressed/upset, help with certain tasks or teaching new things that they are struggling with.

We have the following facilities in our childcare setting;

Safe playroom (cupboards attached to walls, radiator cover).

Large selection of toys, games, play kitchen, puzzles, lego, dress up clothes and books.

Art locker with paints, crayons, pens, play doh etc.

Fully enclosed, safe garden with a large range of outdoor toys -bikes, scooters, ride ons, mud kitchen and water table.

Fully insured 7 seater car with car seats for all ages

3 double prams and a single buggy

3 travel cots with additional thick mattresses (all with individual bedding for each child)

We keep in constant contact with parents and keep a note of development in a diary (if necessary).

We like to chat to parents daily about their children - if there are any problems and how they are getting on/what they have been doing. We prefer to do this at home time as we are busier in the mornings. We can contact parents by email if it is unsuitable to talk in front of the child. Confidential, out of hours meetings can also be arranged if required.

When children are settling in at the beginning we ask that the parents work with us to ensure an easier transition. Methods/advice will be discussed with parents on a day to day basis.

We expect parents to drop children in and pick up on time (and contact us if they are going to be unavoidably late) as lateness can upset the child.

We expect payments by the date shown on the invoice.

Parents should let us know about any change in circumstances that may upset the child or alter their behaviour - bereavement, marriage breakups, new baby in house etc. 

We also expect parents to inform us of any changes in emergency contact numbers.

We have policies which are compliant with the NICMA minimum standards guidelines and are reviewed annually and shared with assistants and parents including a policy detailing emergency arrangements and complaints procedures. We do not have a policy for excluding a child. This has not happened as we work closely with children and parents to resolve any behavioural issues.

However, if a child suddenly became a danger to the other children they would have to be excluded immediately from the setting and NICMA and the Early Years Team would be informed of this.

We are inspected annually and attend training sessions provided by NICMA/Early Years when possible

Children’s records, contracts, permission details, daily diaries, policies, risk assessments, accident/incident files, fire risk/drill reports are kept up to date and inspected each year by the HSC Trust

Costs and Availability

Please contact us regarding costs and current availability. 

We operate a waiting list should space not be available immediately.

We can also provide short term and/or flexible childminding subject to space available.

We get paid monthly at the beginning of each month. We can accept childcare vouchers.

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Our Reviews

Read real customer reviews regarding our services and learn about our lasting relationships with several families. The families we work with are more than just clients, they’ve become like family. Take a look at our customer reviews and find out why we're the best Child Care Providers for you.

“Ruth and Craig (and Glenda) looked after my daughter and son and subsequently, my niece. I was extremely happy with the care they received and remain in touch with them now. Ruth, Craig and Glenda are patient, kind and empathetic. Their home has a wonderful sense of calm and the children in their care are happy and confident."

E McAlister

"Ruth & Craig are the loveliest most gentle childminders around. They are so patient, attentive and devoted to the children they mind."

J Diamond

"I used Ruth and Craig for both my eldest child (who is now a big child of 17) and my youngest child (age 5) so I have known them for a long time. I would highly recommend them to any prospective parent seeking invaluable care for their children. They are hardworking, patient, giving, caring, and the environment they have created is of a home from home and is nurturing and loving. My 2 certainly flourished. I always found that the children there were very happy and relaxed. There were never any issues. Never had to worry about them. Always had great fun. Lots of things to play with, trips out, and great care taken of them. I could not speak more highly of them!"

S Johnston

"Ruth & Craig (and Glenda) look after both my children and have always gone above and beyond. Their home is welcoming and full of fun. Usually the battle is trying to get the kids to leave at the end of the day!"


L Orr

"Kind, patient, fun and gentle people. They provide amazing care, and all the kids are so happy in Ruth and Craigs."

J Hanratty

Ruth and Craig have looked after all 3 of my children all of whom loved going there, the youngest one is still there and always looks forward to her afternoons with them. Their house feels like a home from home for the kids with a really good range of toys, space and activities for them. Ruth and Craig make a huge effort to get to know each child individually and are always always calm! I would highly recommend them to anyone - they're particularly great with babies.

R McTear

Ruth and Craig provide excellent childcare. They are very attuned to the children’s needs, have built a great relationship with them and have a lovely gentle and child led approach. They have good indoor and outdoor facilities and keep the children entertained with a whole range of activities. They also maintain good communication with parents which helps alleviate our anxiety about leaving the children. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

C Irvine

Cannot speak highly enough about Ruth Craig and Glenda. It’s a big decision choosing a childminder and from our first meeting I just knew that they were a perfect fit. I have been blown away by the kindness and patience they showed my 3 year old over the past year. I have no hesitation in recommending R&C, they really treated my son as a unique individual, developing his own personality and encouraging his learning and interests (trains!) by stories, crafts and games.

A McCormack

I was lucky enough to find Ruth, Craig and Glenda on Yell and honestly couldn’t have left my 6 week old with better people. The love and care they have shown my daughter has been second to none. I don’t hesitate in recommending them as exemplary childminders. Thank you again and see you next summer!

K Maguire


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